How to take the best iPhone photos – iPhone tricks – iPhone how-to help

Yes, we all have fancy digital cameras, but if you have an iPhone and it’s in your pocket, guess which one you’ll mostly use?  There are some tech support tricks you can implement in order to take the clearest, sharpest, high-resolution photos you can possibly take with your iPhone.

Here are the iPhone service tricks for taking the best pics:

  1. Take steadier photos – Connect your iPhone headphones in and use the volume button as the remote shutter release.  This way, you can place your iPhone on a flat surface or still hold it, and not shake it like you normally would when pressing the on-iPhone shutter button.
  2. Focus better – Tap on the person or object you want to focus on.  Hold down until the blue box pulses and you’ll see “AE/AF Lock” at the bottom appear.  You may then move and take different angles while still focusing on your subject.
  3. Crop photos – Did you know you can crop a photo right within the iPhone?  Just take your picture.  Open the pic from the photo gallery, pinch to zoom in to your liking, and then hold the home button and press the lock button to take a screenshot.  Done!  You have an instantly cropped photo in your camera roll.  Pretty cool, right?

These three iPhone support tricks, although subtle, will greatly improve upon your iPhone photo results.  Enjoy the memories!

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