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Google’s G Drive vs. Dropbox – G Drive review – G Drive price

%image_alt%Google wants to get more into the cloud space.  It will be doing so with the GDrive.  That is not a typo, Google’s product is actually called “GDrive,” not “G Drive.”   If this GDrive sounds familiar, I commend you for your geek knowledge as Google attempted to launch this product as GDrive in 2007 and then Google Web Drive in 2009.  This time is for real according to Google support folks.

What is the GDrive?  Well, it’s Dropbox, but with added functionality.  What does that mean?  It will allow you to store and share files online.  The plus is that it will allow you to edit files online.  Dropbox forces you to edit online files on your computer.  Google apps and Google docs currently allows you to store everything online, but within the Google format.  With GDrive, you’ll be able to store the files on a folder on your computer or possibly set it up as a mapped drive, a.k.a. G Drive.

GDrive is available for PC support, Mac support and Linux like Dropbox.  Mobile Access via iPhone and iPad support are %image_alt%app-available.  The only advantage Dropbox has is that it offers 2GB of space for free whereas GDrive only offers 1GB of free space.  But, Google more than makes up for that shortcoming by offering much lower pricing at 20GB for $5/year and 80GB for $20/year.  That is pennies compared to Dropbox’ 50GB for $99/year and $100GB for $199/year.

The Gdrive’s interface is what will determine if Dropbox users and other cloud users will jump ship.  If it is an easy cloud uploading / sharing interface that seamlessly works into the regular computer operations, then I’m hard pressed to see why folks wouldn’t run to this cloud service.  After all, the price structure is the cheapest out there for a full functionality cloud sharing service.  Keep in mind this is different than the single-function Carbonite service that just backs up files without allowing the ability to share and edit files online.

The GDrive launch time is a bit of a mystery.  There is no direct launch page to its product and Google is mum about its product.  October of 2011 is when talks sparked again of Google starting to re-develop this product.  So, hopefully it will be out soon.

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