How to perform disk cleanup on Windows 7 – How to perform disk cleanup on Windows Vista – How to automate disk cleanup on Windows 7 – How to perform PC disk cleanup – How to perform disk cleanup on PC

%image_alt%You don’t have time to maintain or fix computers.  You just want to quickly pull up your email, go on the Internet, and check your calendar.  But, if you don’t stay on top of your PC disk cleanup, it could get out of hand, leading to slow processing, computer viruses, and computer crashes.

A disk cleanup removes temporary internet files, temporary Windows files, cookies, cached files, thumbnails, unused program files, log files, offline files, recycle bin files, and downloaded program files.  Essentially, it gets rid of stuff you’re not using any more.  It also removes the files that keep a timeline of your browsing history on your computer and Internet that is known for also hoarding viruses and spyware.  By running disk cleanup, it is a good method to ensure your computer is running fast, has the most storage space possible, and reduce corruption or viruses by eliminating old, unused files that could cause conflicts later on.

I don’t expect you to take time out of your busy schedule to act like a computer technician for your office computers or home office.  That’s what my IT team is here for.  But, if you have one PC at home or the office, you can take some steps to automate the computer disk cleanup for you.  All you have to do is to set up the following steps once and then the computer disk cleanup strategy will be set up as an ongoing weekly computer maintenance for you.  You won’t have to worry about it and it will just continue to run.

Here are the steps to take to implement your Windows 7 or Windows Vista computer disk cleanup strategy:

  1. Go to Start->enter task scheduler in search box->Enter.%image_alt%
  2. Select Action->Create Basic Task->Type in Disk Cleanup in Name Field->Select Weekly at your preferred time%image_alt%%image_alt%%image_alt%%image_alt%
  3. Go to Action->Start a program->Type cleanmgr.exe in the Program/script field->click Finish%image_alt%%image_alt%%image_alt%

When it’s time for the Disk Cleanup to run, it will pop up with an option of a drive selection if you have more than one drive.  Select the C: drive to run since that’s the one that stores all your temporary files.  %image_alt%When it has completed the process, it will show you the amount of space you can clear by removing Temporary Internet Files, Recycle Bin, Downloaded Program Files, Temporary Files, and more.  Make sure to select the check boxes to remove the temp files in those folders.%image_alt%

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