How to send an instant voice message – Send voice message instead of text

%image_alt%Texting is great.  But, if you really have a lot to say, but don’t want to have a dialog, you can now send an immediate voice message.  That’s right.  You can send a voice message instead of a text message.  It will get your point across immediately and you won’t have to worry about your iPhone, Android, or other smartphone mistyping your lengthy text message.

Here’s how to send an instant voice message:

  1. Download HeyTell.
  2. Find yourself in contacts or add yourself so you’re identified as the sender.
  3. Then, click the Person button to add a contact to your HeyTell contact list.
  4. You’ll either be able to sent voice messages right away if your contact’s security permissions are not high or if already a HeyTell member.  If not for both, then you can text or email an invitation to download the app.
  5. When you’re ready to leave a voice message, go to HeyTell, find your friend in the contacts list of HeyTell, select him/her by holding big orange button while speaking, and releasing button when done speaking.  Your contact may reply the same way.

The good.  It’s free and works well.  You don’t need to be a computer support tech to figure out how it works.  A great way to get across your message fast.  Yes, it’s a little dictatorial, but hey, that’s what text messages do too.  They’re one-sided messages until responded to.

The bad.  If your recipient does not have the HeyTell app, you will most likely have to invite them first to join.  So, the shock value of leaving a voice message is gone.  Plus, for some of your friends, you may not want to feel like the technology support guy to guide them through how to use the iPhone service, Android, or Windows app.

I still recommend it since I haven’t seen a better functionally-sound app for the purpose of leaving a quick drive-by voice message.  Plus, it’s free and worth giving it a shot.

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