Install Windows on iPad – How to install Windows on iPad – Get Windows on iPad

%image_alt%There’s nothing wrong at all with the iPad’s iOS.  The operating system is snappy.  It works.  There are  no crashes or bugs.  But, if you are a die-hard Windows support fan or just simply want to watch Flash videos on your iPad, you can install Windows on your iPad.  Oh yeah, if you’re sick of finding an app to edit Word and Excel the way you’d like, installing Windows will certainly trump this work-around IT solution.

Here’s how to install Windows on your iPad:

  • Sign up for OnLive Desktop.
  • Choose from the Free App (includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Reader, and 2GB online storage) or the Plus $5/month app that includes the free app features plus Adobe Flash, Cloud File access (i.e. DropBox, Google Apps), Webmail attachment ability, and 1GB connection speed to the app and cloud.  I’d recommend going with the free version first to see if you like it before upgrading to the paid version.

I’m just amazed about this app.  I really don’t see any drawbacks.

Here are the cool features with this program:

  • It’s just 5 megabytes – It’s not like the hour-long install on your computer.  It’s snappy at just about 5 minutes.%image_alt%
  • No license fee – No need to pay for a $100+ Windows product key.  It’s free or $5/month for the paid version.
  • Free Microsoft Office – It comes with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer, Paint, Media Player, Notepad, and Calculator.  You no longer need to find a 3rd party apps that mimic these programs.  This is the real deal!
  • No need for Windows updates or upgrades– This app give you the latest Windows version every time you log into it.
  • Easy sharing – Get 2 GB of free cloud storage to share files with your desktop or laptop.  Or use your existing cloud service.  A 30MB file takes 1 second to upload or email.
  • Play any video – Unlike the iPad’s operating system, you can play any video with the Windows operating system’s Flash and Movie Players.  That means you can watch free TV at Hulu and other TV sites.

A couple notable points.  This will not wipe out your current iOS on the iPad.  Think of this as an app that you can use when you want it.  You do have to log into it anytime you want to launch the Windows.  To launch it, you do need a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection since you are accessing the Windows program from the OnLive server support side.

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