What will the iPad 3 look like? iPad 3 review – Should I buy the iPad 3? – iPad 3 vs. iPad 2

%image_alt%The next iPad will be announced on March 7th.  Everyone is expecting it to be the iPad 3 although I feel there is still a chance that the iPad Mini, a smaller iPad screen model, may be launched.  That being said, let’s review what the iPad 3 will actually look like and why it will be an improvement over the iPad 2.

Our iPad experts have received strong rumors showing some new images and enhanced features:

  • Screen size:  May be the normal 9.7″ display or drop down to 7.85″ as an iPad Mini model.%image_alt%
  • Screen resolution:  2x better the resolution from iPad 2’s 1024 x 768 pixels to the iPad 3’s 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution with retina display.
  • SD Card slot – Yes, there may be one!  That means you can easily transfer pics and movies.
  • HDMI port – Another feature that may be available making it easier to connect it to your TV.
  • Appearance – iPad 3 will be 1 millimeter thinner and 2.5 ounces lighter.
  • Speed – A new quad-core processor will trump the 2x slower dual-core chip.  Expect double the RAM at 1GB.

In regard to colors, Apple support is expected to release the classic black and white colors.  But, keep in mind that our iPad color conversion experts can change the color to red, blue, pink, green, and yellow.  You get to choose!

I’m definitely excited to check out the new iPad 3.  But, should you buy one?  If you just use the iPad for videos, emails, and the Internet, the screen will be twice and sharp and clear, but I’m on the fence whether you need to throw down $500+ for a new one.  If you’re a gamer, big video conferencer, remote worker, or want to use the iPad for more video and photo-taking, this is right up your alley.

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