Should I buy Windows 8 – Should you should buy Windows 8 – Why go with Windows 8

%image_alt%Windows 8 is expected to be released by the end of 2012.  But, should you prepare your home or office network for the new Windows 8 operating system?  I will list pros and cons below for whether you should go ahead with Windows 8.

Here’s why you should buy Windows 8:%image_alt%

  • Compatible on all devices – Whether for home, office, tablet, laptop, or desktop, you’ll be able to integrate all your work or play across all platforms.
  • Take Windows on the Go – A breakthrough idea here.  You can take your personalized Windows 8 with you via flash drive.  Just plug it in on any computer and it already has your settings and files.  No need to remote in or adjust settings.  Just take it with you on the go.  Very cool!
  • Best built-in security – Without antivirus protection, Windows is claiming to be able to secure your computer with its strong built-in security.  I’ll believe this bold claim when I see it!
  • App-heavy – You’ll be able to use Windows apps for better production and play.
  • Faster start-up time – Take advantage of the 8-second quick boot time on ultrabooks, netbooks, and laptops.
  • Easy cloud sharing – Windows’ SkyDrive will help sync files across all Windows 8 devices, along with profiles and more.  That means faster computer repairs and uptime during computer crashes.
  • Metro style – The new box-like metro style where pictures, music, and apps are easier to view and select will make your productivity the fastest yet.

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