Sparrow email review – Should you I use Sparrow for my iPhone?



Instead of using the default Mail program that comes with your iPhone, you can upgrade it to Sparrow.  Sparrow has been out for a while and has just come out with a new update.  This has been touted as the best iOS email application to use.  At $2.99, it’s worth trying.  But, as the email support stickler that I am, I put it through the test.

%image_alt%Here’s what you get with Sparrow:

  • Create quick folders or Labels for follow-up, client folders, and other names.
  • Swipe motion allows you to quickly star, archive, and delete conversations.
  • Smart contacts feature where your most used contacts are always on top and easy to access.
  • Quick mailbox switching by simply swiping and tapping.

That all sounds great and would advise all systems go on this one.  Wait a minute.  Hold the train.  What you don’t get is push technology.  Push allows emails to be sent automatically.  Without such, you’ll have to manually ask for emails to be sent and received all the time.  This is a deal breaker and automatic call for shutting down the train and exiting all passengers.

Apparently, Sparrow does not want the responsibility of storing users’ login/password in order to send constant notifications for the push technology.  That’s like saying we’re going to provide computer support to your office, but will only come out on our time.  Imagine if your office had and Internet issue and nobody was able to access websites or email.  If we as a provider wouldn’t come out immediately, then we probably wouldn’t last another day as your tech support provider.  The same goes for Sparrow here.  They should have stopped before they started.  If they don’t want to take responsibility for their email users, then save your time and money.  Most importantly, stop trying to take over Apple’s iPhone email application since you are far off without push technology.

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