iPad 3 issues – new iPad issues – top 3 new iPad issues

There will always be a few kinks here and there with new software and products.  But, the new iPad, or iPad 3, has had some quick iPad issues right after its launch.

Here are the top 3 new iPad issues:

  1. Too hot!  The new iPad has hit a heat index of 116 degrees when running games.  This is definitely not a good iPad issue especially since this version is supposed to be a “gaming” iPad.
  2. Streaming is expensive.  Streaming an HD movie will use up to 2GB per hour on your data plan.  Similarly, watching March Madness for 2 hours will eat up 2GB of your monthly data plan.  The new 4G connectivity burns up a lot of data when faster speeds are needed.  This defeats having 4G on a capped monthly plan.
  3. Wi-Fi has no reach.  Many complaints on Wi-Fi not working past 6 feet of the wireless router have been surfacing.  This is a big letdown for iPad 3 Wi-Fi users.  Why shell out $700+ dollars for a tablet that cannot consistently connect to the Internet.  Apple support, please release an iPad fix update for this!

Apple better get some resolutions fast for these issues before Apple users bring down the Apple stock with complaints.  But, you know what, Apple is probably happy with its initial iPad 3 sales upon launch so they might not be responding with such a sense of urgency.  It’s not as simple as giving away a protective case like it did to resolve the iPhone 4 Antenna issue.  Serious engineering and data reprogramming will need to be assessed to fix these iPad 3 issues.

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