MagicJack Plus review – Make local calls abroad – Cheapest international calls – MagicJack vs. Vonage

%image_alt%If you’re a big international phone chatter, MagicJack Plus is right up your alley.  Say you have family overseas and speak with them all the time.  Obviously, calling from a regular land line is not the way to go.  Vonage or another voice over IP phone service is a better option as you can pay a monthly fee for international calling.  MagicJack, in my opinion, is the best international calling option.  You just pay $20 annually along with the initial extra $30 of equipment.  You get free international calling with the lowest rate plan available.  What’s best of all is you can give family members a local NYC number abroad and you both can talk for free!  Pretty cool, right?

Now, MagicJack has a new product called MagicJack Plus.  The difference is that MagicJack forced you to plug it into your computer directly whereas Plus enables you to plug the product into your modem / router.  With the MagicJack Plus, you can use it from any of your phones without requiring your computer to be on with the software.  The Plus product is $10 more at $30 per year which is definitely worth it.

How does Vonage voice over IP compare to MagicJack Plus?

Cost: Vonage is over $300/year.  MagicJack Plus is only $30/year.

Travel:  Vonage requires an adapter and additional equipment.  With MagicJack Plus, you can just pick it up and go.

Call quality: Vonage relies on your Internet setup connection.  MagicJack Plus uses its own dedicated phone network.

How does Skype compare to MagicJack Plus?

Skype requires a computer to be actively on with software launched.  MagicJack Plus doesn’t.  Also, Skype charges up to $72 for a phone number and $24 for a voice mail while MagicJack Plus doesn’t.

The computer setup or phone IT setup for MagicJack Plus is really a piece of cake.  I definitely recommend going with it if you’re a big traveler or international caller.

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