Save iPhone space – Save iPhone photos to Dropbox – How to use Cloud Photos

Taking photos with your iPhone is great.  The pics look crisp and clear.  However, that high resolution does takes up quality iPhone space.  Just last night, I was cleaning up my iPhone space and noticed 90% of my space was from photos and videos.  So, I quickly saved my multimedia to my computer and then to the cloud.  But, I wanted a better way.  iCloud syncs photos and files to the cloud, but still leaves the files on my iPhone, eating away precious storage space.

Enter Dropbox’ Cloud Photos.  For 99 cents, you can sync your photos to your DropBox account.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to use up your 3G or 4G data plan.  Just set your photos to sync when Wi-Fi is available.  Then, what happens is your photos are stored only as thumbnails on your iPhone.  That way, your phone doesn’t get bloated with actual picture sizes.  You may access your pics anytime by checking out the thumbnails.  Thumbnails, but the way, will show you a smaller version of your photo but it will actually still be stored on the Dropbox cloud.  In essence, you still see your pics and you have space to spare.

With the Dropbox Cloud Photos, you can easily email and send your photos via Twitter and Facebook.  If this all still doesn’t excite you, please note that Steve Jobs attempted to buy Dropbox in 2011, but was obviously turned down.  I think that speaks volumes.  Then, Jobs created his own cloud service, iCloud.  Thus far, iCloud has not been the most stable or well-reviewed.  The Cloud Photos is a very easy iPhone setup.  Once you’ve gone through the initial photo saving options, it just works on its own.  iPhone experts need not apply here.

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