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What is Google Play? Google Play review – how to rent movies from Google Play

Google has now entered the online streaming market for movies, books, music, and games.  Why not?  It has conquered just about everything else that is non-Apple.  Now, Google goes up against the heavy hitters of Apple, Amazon, and Netflix by streaming its own content.

The big difference with Google is that it is Android-focused.  Apple is all-things Apple with iTunes and iCloud.  Google targets the Android market with apps.  Apple support devices are still able to access Google Play of course.  But, the big difference is you don’t need to be tied down to just having a Mac, iPhone or other Apple service device to join the iCloud revolution.

With Google Play, you can have a PC, Mac, Android, and iPod Touch.  All devices will see the same updated content and settings.  Why?  Google keeps it even simpler than Apple by providing everything in a website browser.  No software or updates are needed.  You don’t have to store it on your computer or handheld and also have it sync to iCloud.  It doesn’t matter which browser it is.  It can be Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox. No mess, clutter, or potential computer issues.  Just go on the Internet, go to Google Play, and log into your account if it’s not already saved.  Best of all, it doesn’t take any space from your phone or laptop.

Costs are the same with Google Play as with other cloud services so that aspect is a wash.  Let’s get back to the whole truly in the cloud experience here.  Apple forces you to have their operating system running in order to stream.  Google has no software or syncing utility.  It’s very liberating to know that!  In any case, Google Play is now a major competitor in the streaming market and should be checked out.

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