How to map Google Drive – How to setup Google Drive as Drive letter – Google Drive letter

%image_alt%Finally, there’s a way to set up Google Drive as a drive letter!  In other words, you can map the drive as you would in a computer network That way, you can have Google Drive set up as Drive G, L, M or another letter alongside of your My Computer and DVD drive.  This makes it so much easier to access and replaces the need for a company server, N

If you didn’t map the Google Drive, it would show up in your Favorites folder for Windows Vista or 7.  In Windows XP, it shows up your My Documents folder.  But, you don’t have to settle for that.

Here’s how to set up Google Drive as a mapped drive:%image_alt%

  1. Make sure you install Google Drive first if you haven’t already.
  2. Install Visual Subst
  3. Choose the drive letter you’d like and browse to your Google Drive.  For Windows 7 and Vista, go to C:UsersUsernameGoogle Drive.
  4. Check the Apply virtual drives on Windows startup box and you need to click the green plus button to activate it.
  5. Finally, click close and you’ll have your mapped drive all setup in your Computer folder next to your Drive and DVD drive.

The only drawback I found with using this Visual Subst software is that your virtual mapped drive takes on the same name as your C: drive.  It will actually look like a duplicate of your C: drive.  So, if you go into your Computer folder, you’ll see your OS (C:) listed again as OS (G:) if your mapped drive is G:.  Also, the size shown for your Google mapped drive is that same as your real C: drive.  That being said, for a free mapped drive software, this drive letter mapping works really well and you’ll never have to go into your Gmail account again or worry if your files are synced.

This is an easy computer setup by the way.  You don’t have to be a Google Drive expert, Google expert, or IT tech to figure this one out.

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