5 Cool USB flash drive tricks – 5 Cool ways to use a USB flash drive – Best USB flash drive tricks

%image_alt%USB flash drives may look boring by nature.  But, there a 5 cool ways to jazz it up.  Beyond using it as a trusty backup.  Well, a trusty backup until it may fail that is.  Keep in mind…this may sound like a broken record to you loyal readers..but, your backup is only good if you have your files in two places.  If your thumb drive fails, are your files still safe on your computer or elsewhere?  Okay, enough of my data recovery scare tactics.  Let’s get to the fun cool tricks part!

Here are 5 cool ways to use your USB flash drive:

  1. Securely turn on and off your computer – You can use Predator to unlock and lock your computer.  Without the USB key, nobody gets in.
  2. Test drive Windows 8 or Linux – Both operating systems support installations from USB drives.  So, take them out on the road and give them a test drive!
  3. Install Windows on a MacBook – You don’t need a DVD drive any more.  You can install Windows on your Mac from your USB flash drive.  This works well for MacBook Air owners who lack a DVD drive or lots of space.
  4. Become a Windows technician – You can install many free utilities on your USB flash drive, such as spyware removal, virus removal, and computer tune-up software.  These will well-maintain your computer and speed it up.
  5. Secure your files – Don’t want anyone to access your secure files?  Encrypt them!

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