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If you’re in the market for a good flat screen TV, you have to wonder if a smart TV is right for you.  First of all, what is a smart TV.  In short, a smart TV lets you get to the Internet.  Most smart TV’s will have apps, like an iPhone, such as Netflix, huluPlus, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, MLB, and other services that are free or paid that you can use to access their networks.

The more enhanced and expensive models will let you get right into the Internet without the app barriers.  I like those.  That means you don’t have to hook up a clunky desktop or laptop to get on the Internet.  The TV has a built-in wifi that does it for you.

Cheaper TV’s will just have an ethernet network connection where you plug in a network cable.  Others may have a wireless adapter.  You really want to go for one with a built-in wi-fi connection.  No cables, no mess.

The big sell on smart TV’s is the video-on-demand (VOD) services.  This means you can select a channel that will let you navigate football games, music, movies, and more.  VOD is still on the new side and mostly used by Asian countries.  So, there is a lot of growth in this field as the US is just starting to take advantage of it.

Back to the important question.  Which smart TV should you buy?  The models change so frequently that it won’t do justice to recommend a specific one.  I do like the Panasonic 65″ Viera 3D TV and Sharp 60″ Aquos models.  They seem to pack in all the necessary TV apps, web browsing, voice commands, and face recognition features.

The smart TV computer setup is easy for all the models.  It will walk you through all the steps.  Then, if you’d like, you can network your TV with an external hard drive, computer, and more.

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