Is Outlook.com good? – Should I use Outlook.com – Download Outlook.com – Outlook.com review

%image_alt%Are you still using Hotmail?  Well, not for long!  Microsoft support has now replaced Hotmail with Outlook.com.  You can still use Hotmail, but it will be phased out soon.  Don’t worry, the Microsoft support team says all your emails, contacts, and stuff will migrate over.

What is Outlook.com?  It is the webmail version of Outlook with a Windows 8 metro look.

What perks are included?

  • It’s social – Facebook and Twitter updates are built-in%image_alt%
  • Free Office – Get Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps
  • Storage – You’ll get 7GB of free cloud storage
  • Cross-platform – Works on PCs, Macs, phones, and tablets
  • Robust calendar – Complete with To-do list and Agenda

A nice feature also is that all documents sent by attachments will also be viewable in the Documents Quick views tab.  Photo attachments may be easily searched as well from the Photos tab.  You can also search your emails like you would in Gmail.  There is a very minimalist feel to composing an email.  It almost feels like you’re missing some important fields, but you’re not. You can easily ad a picture of your yourself, shareable to all.  I really like the free Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps.  They are just like the real deal and you can send them to anyone who uses Microsoft Office.

What don’t I like?  There is an advertisement bar on right-side of the screen all the time you’re in your Outlook.com account.  They can advertise on the bottom or have something hover.  But, the whole right-side of the screen?  That’s valuable real estate!  I could have a calendar or another toolbar there.

Overall, if you’re looking for a new email account with a bonus of a free Microsoft Office account and cloud storage space, Outlook.com is a nice email solution.  Is it Gmail worthy?  I think it is in the conversation due to Outlook.com’s free Office apps feeling and looking just like the real deal versus Google’s pseudo Office apps.  However, the Google Drive cloud storage is easier to work with and sync than Outlook.com’s Skydrive.  Skydrive does the same backup and syncing, and also has iPhone and Android access, but Google just knows how to make the interface better.  That being said, Outlook.com is as functional and just needs some tweaks design-wise to make it flow better with the navigation.

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