How to remove McAfee – How to remove McAfee trial version – Remove corrupted McAfee – How to uninstall McAfee

%image_alt%Computer viruses attack your computer, but the smart ones look to disable your antivirus software, such as McAfee and Norton Antivirus.  A disabled antivirus is when a virus removes or copies over code to the protection software, rendering it corrupted, useless, or unstable.  When your antivirus software becomes disabled, you are left vulnerable and Mac and PC viruses have their way with your operating system.

%image_alt%The most challenging task is removing your disabled antivirus software so that you can reinstall a good version.  You typically cannot just go to your control panel or system preferences to remove it.  That would be too easy.  You should try to remove McAfee by that route first.

But, if that doesn’t work, you can use the McAfee Removal Tool to automatically scour your computer for all-things McAfee and remove every file in your computer and registry.  After running this McAfee removal tool and restarting your computer, look for an McAfee product folders in your Programs and remove them.

After removing your corrupted McAfee program, be sure to install an new one or another anti-virus program software.  Time is of the essence as you should load a new security protection software right after you removed the old McAfee.  The longer your computer is left vulnerable, the more inclined you are to receiving lovely gifts, such as computer spyware and viruses.

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