iPhone 5 adapter – Where to buy iphone 5 adapter – Should I buy iPhone 5 adapter? – Is iPhone adapter 5 good?

If you have the iPhone 5, you’ll have to make a decision:  Should you buy an iPhone adapter to use with your current chargers, clocks, and power devices?  Or should you just pull up your big boy (or girl) pants and upgrade to the latest lightning connector computer support technology?

How much?  The adapter is being sold for $29 through the Apple store.  You can also buy a $39 one that provides an elongated cable to connect to for hard-to-reach docks and connectors.  Prices will come down once there is more quantity and more third-party stores get their hands on them.

Any limitations with the adapter?  Yes, it won’t support video or iPod out.  If you have an iPod / iPhone dock that uses the iPod out format, it won’t work correctly.  So, the speakers Any entertainment systems previously set up with your iPhone 4 / 4S will not stream video with your iPhone 5.  The iPod out is a bit more confusing.  It may not allow for car stereo sound depending on the model, but analog audio, or talking sound works fine.

Should you buy the adapter?  If you just have one at home or in the office, I’d say to go ahead and just buy the new iPhone 5 adapter if you’re just looking at 2 chargers.  You’re looking at $19 for the Lightning to USB Cable and another $19 for the Apple 5W USB Power Adapter although you can use the old one you have.  So, $38 or just $19 if you want to use your old USB power adapter plug.  You can also just buy the $19 new cable if you plan to just connect via USB port on your computer.  Not a big difference and it will get you up to speed.  Of course, if you have some fancy, expensive dock or other speaker-unit that you love, go ahead and get the Lightning to 30-pin iPhone 5 adapter for this.

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