Should I buy Windows 8? – Buy Windows 8 or wait? – Should you buy Windows 8

NYC windows 8 repair / installWindows 8 is due out on October 26th.  Should you buy it?  There are a couple of popular questions our customers are asking.  So, let’s get right to the Q & A:

Should I upgrade to Windows 8 or just wait until I get a new computer?  If you bought a Windows 7 computer between June 2, 2012 – present, then yes, since the upgrade is only $15.  For Vista / XP / 2000 users, just wait to buy a new computer that has Windows 8 on it.  Otherwise, the cost of the software, install time, and extra time to make sure software and peripherals are compatible are just not worth it.  Windows 2000/XP users will have to perform a complete backup of their computers and then install Windows 8 from scratch.  Not worth it.  Vista users can perform a Windows 8 upgrade although programs and settings will have to be installed and configured.

Should I upgrade from Windows 7 to 8?  Price-wise, the $15 – $40 upgrade makes sense.  For tech bleeding-edge enthusiasts, you’ll be sure to love the Metro-style interface.  If you have a touch-screen tablet, it’s a no-brainer since Windows 8 was conceived for the major purpose of enhancing touch-screen tablets and laptops.

I have an older printer.  Will Windows 8 work with it?  The rule of thumb here is if your printer is from the ol’ Windows XP heyday, then no.  If it is Windows Vista / 7 compatible, then it should be compatible.  But, if your printer is that old, isn’t time that you replace it?

I love Windows 7.  Will Windows 8 be a tough learning curve?  Yes!  A dramatic one with tiled squares.  As of now, finding the start and shutdown buttons are not self-intuitive!  If you’re from the old dog that doesn’t want to learn new tricks category, don’t go full steam ahead here!  There is a whole new user interface as well as a familiar desktop mode that you’ll have to play with.

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