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2013 tech predictions – What’s in store tech support-wise for 2013 – Tech support 2013 predictions

2012 tech predictionsThe technology support process is evolving daily if not by the minute.  What was in in 2012 may be an after-thought in 2013, deeming it a fad.  What can we look forward to in 2013?

Here are a few tech predictions for 2013:

  • Other mobile browsers will be used.  Many iPhone and Android phone users use their respective Safari and Android OS browsers and folks have been content with that.  Once boredom sets it and users realize Safari and Firefox mobile browsers sync better with desktops and laptops, the trend will go in that direction to install these Internet mobile browsers.
  • More high-res images will be in demand.  Due to the iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks with their retina displays, software makers will look to have the ability to create more high-res images to display on these devices.  The challenge will to be to make sure the load time is just as fast due to the larger size images.
  • The Web will be slower.  We are in a cloud technology support society.  The iPads and mobile phones all save stuff to iCloud, DropBox, or other cloud IT services.  More content is online and we constantly need access to it.  There will be higher prices to connect online due to the heavier use.  Eventually, Verizon and its competitors will have price wars, but no is not the time as they take advantage of the powerful need to have Internet speed.
  • Blackberry who?  RIM continues to go off in the sunset into anonymity.  Only business networks will continue to focus on Blackberry Enterprise Server support as its consumer line will continue to deplete.  RIM is one of the few vendors that really tout its secure platform, but what else are they supposed to do when they’ve lost out on the inability to meet consumers’ combined business and consumer needs.

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