Should I buy IT managed services or break fix / as-needed IT service? – NYC IT managed services – NYC as needed IT / break-fix IT

IT managed services NYCIT managed services is the new hot term for taking care of everything IT related.  One rate per month or year and you can bug your IT firm all you want.  But, is it the best IT rate plan for you and your company?

On the other hand, a company may enlist an IT company to come as needed, or for break/fix IT issues.  For example, a virus appears on a computer.  A call follows to the IT provider to fix it.  It is then billed hourly.  Is this as-needed break/fix scenario good for you?

When should you go for a break/fix, as needed IT support strategy?

  • Your computer network is a non-demanding 1 – 10-user network.
  • Your key IT foundations, such as email, antivirus protection, backups, and overall stability are in check and working well.
  • No foreseeable upgrades, projects, office moves, or other big events are in the near future
  • You already have a quasi-IT person who can help for the easy IT requests.

When should you opt for a managed services IT support model?

  • You have a 10+ user office that is known to have regular IT issues / requests.
  • You need help with constant tech issues, such as viruses, slow email / Internet, and back-up problems.
  • You want a manageable, fixed cost every month.
  • Your staff is demanding or is not computer-savvy.

The caveat of a managed services IT support model is that a tech provider may charge a little higher than may be required to protect its bottom line.  On the flip side, you are not nickeled and dimed for every IT request. 

My recommendation is to first find the best IT provider that you are comfortable with.  Start with an as-needed model to get a baseline for your IT request activity.  After a month or two, you can sit down with the IT firm and come up with a mutual number for managed services that is happy for both sides.  No guesswork or hedging bets.  A clause in the agreement should be set up with to reconvene in a few months to make sure both sides are satisfied.  That way, there is no tug of war and everyone is happy.

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