GoPro Camera review – Why GoPro Camera is better than your normal camera? – Should I buy GoPro Camera

GoPro sample video
GoPro sample video

GoPro Camera is yet another camera that has come out that touts itself as being on the same level as SLR digital cameras.  But, it has a different angle on the camera market, literally.  First of all, you can wear it!  That’s right, you can mount it on your helmet, pin it to your jacket, strap it on, or do anything else to give yourself a hands-free experience.  Think playing sports while video-recording yourself and your friends, i.e. snowboarding, surfing, tennis, basketball, car racing, soccer, and more.  Click here for an example of how GoPro Camera looks in action.

I’m a big fan of GoPro Camera.  It’s waterproof, portable, and takes stunning videos.  I must reiterate, the videos along with snap photos are absolutely gorgeous.  You don’t have to worry about fussing with the buttons, it is set automatically to adjust for the light, angles, and everything to take perfect, sharp shots.

The big challenge is having enough self-esteem in being an early adopter to wear your video camera.  As long as you are fine with the extra long stares of how cool it looks, or not, then jump in and get this video camera.  Keep in mind also that you can take videos and snapshots with your hands too and not wear the camera.

Now, to the cost.  Starting at $200 at the 5MP White Edition and going up to $300 and $400 for the 11MP and 12MP versions, the cameras are priced to sell.  By the way, I do not receive any profit of any kind for this review.  Just providing my unbiased tech support view of this camera.  But, if GoPro wants to pay me, I’m not against it.  The big difference between the $300 and $400 models are the higher end model takes pictures twice as fast.  I think the $300 Silver model version is a great buy.

What about the specs?  You’ll get 11MP, 1080p, 30-60 frames per second, a wifi remote, a mount, and waterproof, rugged video camera.  For storage, you can plop in a 64GB memory card.  You can use that to transfer pics or use the wifi service connection on the camera, or the camera software, your choice.

This is definitely a great tech gadget gift to get someone or yourself for that matter.

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