Google Moto X Review – iPhone contender or chump?

New York Computer Help reviews Google’s Moto X

The Moto X – an actual iPhone killer or another nice attempt?  There have been 10,001 Android phones that have tried and failed except for maybe the Samsung Galaxy which is holding its own.

Google is hoping to change the smartphone landscape with its new Motorola phone.  It has been a year in the IT support process in manufacturing its new gem.  Here’s what you’ll notice right away with the Moto X.  It’s curved, made of plastic, and has a nicely sized 4.7-inch screen.

The Moto X has five features that the iPhone and no other smartphone has:

  1. Design your own colors.  Front, back, camera lens, and accents.  Choose from 18 colors.  Very cool.  No need to perform our award-winning iPhone color conversions since you can just buy the Moto X as you’d like it.
  2. Built right in the US.  No Chinese sweatshops here.  Good to know your Moto X is built in the great U-S of A.
  3. Use verbal commands without pressing a button to speak like Siri.  “Google New York Computer Help.”  Just say it, no need to touch the Siri button.  A very cool feature of the voice command is to say what situation you’re in.  For example, say you’re driving and calls come in via speakerphone for hands-free and texts are read aloud.  If you’re in a meeting, it will mute itself and automatically text folks saying “In a meeting.  I’ll get back to you soon.”  Wow!
  4. Get a quick view of the time and missed messages.  Not so cool, but definitely practical as we all check our phones multiple times throughout the day for this info.
  5. Move your phone to launch the camera app.  This is helpful when you want to quickly capture the in-the-moment photo.  You know what I’m talking about.  If you need to take time to find your camera app, you’ll miss the smile, animal, or other instantaneous moment.

At $200 with a contract the Moto X is a great little phone.  It doesn’t over-impress in terms of speed, screen quality, and other power features, but it does rank up there with the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy in regard to its unique 5 features.  I love the verbal commands and situational understanding the phone works with.  Also, coloring your phone right upon purchase is a nice tech service.  If you’re a little tired of the iPhone service madness, then this is a good little phone to try at least for the 1-2 year contract that you sign up for.  Then, decide if other phones at the end of the contract have the same features and more.  Otherwise, it doesn’t come close to the iPhone in the battle of the smartphones.  Winner:  iPhone!

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