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pc-data-recovery-nycHas your PC gone belly-up?  Need data recovery on your Windows computer?  Getting Windows data recovery in NYC is not the easiest task.  You don’t know if the PC data recovery NYC shop is reputable or knows what they are doing.

Plus, there are so many NYC Windows data recovery companies that claim to have all the necessary tools, such as a clean room.  A clean room, or Class 100 room, is used for performing part swaps on hard drives that have physically failed.  This room allows for a dust-free environment since dust can kill the drive once the hard drive is open.  You’ll want to ensure your PC data recovery NYC shop can perform such clean room jobs.

So, what should your checklist be when looking for the best PC / Windows data recovery NYC company:

  • Free diagnostic – Make sure a free diagnostic is given on your dead PC hard drive.  You shouldn’t have to pay to learn what the cost is going to be.
  • In-house lab recovery – Go to an NYC PC data recovery company that does its own mechanical drive repairs for recovery.  Otherwise, you’ll be paying for the company to just outsource your drive to another company.
  • Reasonable rates – Typically, a huge firm, such as DriveSavers, will upcharge due to its reputation of recovering celebrity hard drives.  But, you shouldn’t pay to be part of the elite crown.  Take a small business who wants to earn your business and offer reasonable rates.
  • Local – Go to an NYC PC recovery service that is actually in Manhattan.  Make sure that they’ll do the work in NYC.  Otherwise, your PC recovery will take longer for shipping back and forth.

New York Computer Help has all the goods you should be looking for in regard to a solid PC data recovery NYC shop.  Truly, these data recovery techs are the best!

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