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How much to tip the Computer Repairman? 4 factors to consider when tipping your Computer Repairman.

How much do I tip computer repairmanYou just got your computer fixed.  It wasn’t for free, but it was money well spent.  At this point, do you also give a little extra to the person who fixed your computer.  Assuming we have decided the Computer Repairman is worthy of a tip as proven from my blog, Should I tip Computer Repairman, then the next question is, “How much?”

If we take a page from the rest of the service industry, I’d contend that Computer Repairman should make 15% – 20% just like waiters, waitresses, cabbies, and barbers.  However, there is a sliding scale depending on the amount of services, possibly add-on services, level of customer service, speed of service, task efficiency, and overall satisfaction.  You see, computer service is a delicate science.  For instance, when you go to a restaurant, you expect good food with prompt and friendly service.  But, you’d be happy with just good food in the end.  With computer repair service, you expect the job to be done, i.e. virus removal, slow computer sped up, or non-powering computer to function.  Plus, you expect it to be done fast so you can get back to work.  At the same time, you’re hoping not to get the SNL-like character, Nick Burns, computer repairman, who demeans or makes fun of your lack of computer proficiency.

With all these factors taken into consideration, here’s how much you should calculate the tip for your Computer Repairman:

  1. Job done right – Add 5% tip.  Need a virus removed and you find there are no pop-ups and your system is completely locked done perfectly.  Auntie up 5% of the total bill.  Do not calculate tax when you do this.  For instance, if the virus removal cost is $85 + $7 tax, you should pay a $4.25 tip. Now, if the job is spotty, then do not tip the 5%.
  2. Job down fast while not overlooking anything – Add 5% tip.  Prompt and efficient service is what we’re looking for especially if requested.  Also, the job has to be done right or it defeats the purpose.  Many computer repair services will take advantage of you if you ask, “Hey is it extra if I need my computer back in an hour?”  But, if no surplus is requested and the job is done quickly especially to meet your “I need to fly out to the Hamptons in 45 minutes” request, well, then, show your appreciation.  If the job is not done faster than expected, then keep your hands in your pockets.
  3. Extra TLC performed – add 5% tip.  A little tender loving care goes a long way.  Many times, we will get customers floating around after the job has been done, asking follow-up questions.  How do I protect against computer viruses in the future? What is the best way to back up my files at home? What is the best laptop you recommend?  One-sentence answers are sufficient, but if your Computer Repairman goes out of his way by drawing schematics, emailing links, or drawing up a full strategy, well, then, that’s more than sufficient to pony up the 5% as a way to say thanks for the consultation.
  4. Personality still counts – add 5% for genuine care and friendliness.  You don’t want a deadbeat computer service guy.  You are not expecting a cheerleader, but you do expect someone to show they care and appreciate you coming in to their shop to entrust you with your computer.  So, if you feel the love, show the love.  This goes either way and you can decide if to add or deduct 5% from the tip.

In sum, you could add up to 20% of the total bill for your tip.  Keep in mind that you can deduct from one of the factors also. For instance, if the job was done right, fast with TLC, but the computer repair guy was a real know-it-all type, well you can take the 15% and deduct 5% to make it 10%.  Or if the personality really ruined your mood, then you can decide if a tip is warranted at all.  This 4-factor system is a great way to figure out how much to tip your Computer Repairman.

In our next blog of our tipping series, we will discuss who exactly to tip? The technician himself, the owner, the company, Accounts Receivable.  Who?!

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