PC repair shop near me – PC repair shop in NYC – Top 3 factors in determining the best PC repair shop near you

PC repair shop in NYCLooking for a PC shop near you in NYC?  Depending where you live, there may be a computer repair shop on every block in a 10-block radius.  But, how can you choose the best PC repair shop for you?

Here are the top 3 factors to determine the best PC repair shop near you:

  1. Is it really a PC repair shop?  Keep in mind there are tons of iPhone repair shops out there.  Make sure the shop specializes in PC repair.  As an old-school shop from 2000, we have been repairing PC’s for a long time now.  We’ve added Mac repair, phone/tablet repair, data recovery, and a whole lot more to our arsenal.  But, most importantly, we are a PC repair specialty shop, through and through.
  2. Is the PC shop certified?  I’m not talking about being licensed and bonded although that’s a good thing to have.  I’m bringing up if the tech squad is certified in Microsoft, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and other manufacturers.  That’s a good sign that the PC techs have not just experience in studying for PCs, but they at one time or another were determined to take time to learn more about PCs and that speaks volumes.
  3. Does the personality test pass?  At the end of the day, although your targeted PC repair shop is nearby, has great reviews, and is certified, if you’re not comfortable with talking to the company, move on.  Call up and speak to one of their folks and get a sense of the tone of voice, positive or negative energy, enthusiasm or lack thereof, and how professional and friendly he or she is.  Personality trumps everything else as that is the barometer of customer service you can expect to get.

Now, in regard to convenience, nothing beats leaving your home or office and walking just a couple blocks to the nearest tech shop.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but I urge you to keep in mind the 3 factors here as a baseline and sniff test.  We’ve had folks travel from Jersey, Long Island, and in some cases Florida and LA just to ensure they have amazing PC repair service.

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