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Data recovery service in NYC – What’s involved and how much should I really be paying?

Data recovery is a dirty word to some. To the real white-hat data recovery service companies, it is clear-cut.

So, what’s so dirty about data recovery? Well, the price range could be high. It is data recovery in NYC after wall.  And that’s just because there’s a person who is greedy behind the work. You may have heard of DriveSavers charging a minimum of $3,000 for a hard drive issue. Well, that’s obscene as these folks are standing behind their celebrity clientele.

The bottom line is that you should be charged for the work performed. How much should you really be paying? With data recovery, it breaks down to two levels, if you can recover the files from the failing hard drive or if you need to repair it to get the data. In essence, you’re looking at level 1. This is the level where you can you recover still recover files although there is mechanical damage. You know, getting lucky that your drive still works well enough to retrieve your files. At this level, you should expect to pay anywhere from $85 – $250. The expense accounts for the bench time and computer time it takes for the file extraction process along with any manual time from the data recovery service technician. Other than that, it’s a matter of having solid tech utilities and software to make this happen.

If your hard drive has mechanical issues beyond the extraction process, you’re looking at Stage 2 or lab recovery. This is the process where the lab recovery technician opens up the hard drive to replace failed parts. Then, the drive can be repaired enough to recover the files. This process is a whole different level and starting pricing of $950 and up should be expected. Pricing ranges according to the size of the drive and could go from $950 to $3,500 in some cases. A multi-drive recovery, such as RAID 5 or server setups may be even more.

But, the whole point of bringing this up is to pinpoint what stage and severity your drive is at. Make sure you are paying for the job required.

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