When is it time to buy a new computer? – How long should your PC or Mac last? – Crystal ball of computer life

Are you on borrowed time?  Is your PC or Mac due to kick the bucket soon?

As computer technicians, we are certainly not the eye of the crystal ball of how long your computer will last.  But, from our experience, we have seen computers generally doing well for 3-4 years, and then die a slow death afterwards.

So, being that it’s tough to figure out when your computer will die, I’ve come up with a quick sequence of events you may take so you can be in control.

Here you go:

  1. If your computer is less than 3 years old, enjoy and rock on!
  2. If your computer is pushing 3 years old or older, back your files up now!
  3. Perform a tune-up of your Mac or PC or find someone who is capable, i.e. computer repair tech in NYC.
  4. Also, you should perform a full diagnostic of your computer to ensure there are no issues.  Further, you should keep a close eye on it diagnostic-wise to resolve any creeping issues.  The point is that you can expect something to fail soon, and you should be ready to tackle it.
  5. If your 3+ year old computer hits the fan and dies, bring it to a local computer repair tech shop and see if the cost outweighs buying a new computer.  Typically, a part replacement, such as a hard drive, will breathe 1-2 years or more into your computer and is typically a wise investment.
  6. Rule of thumb is that if your computer repair is half the cost or less of a new computer, it is a solid investment.  If it is more than that, well, then, your personal opinion will come into play whether you can part with your baby.

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