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3 Tech Skills Every Business Owner Should Know

3 Tech Skills for entrepreneursYou have your own business or your a consultant.  That’s great.  Nowadays, if you don’t have tech savvy, you are a step behind.  So, I’m here to give you the tech support skinny on what you need to know and do as a business owner.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a serious geek to get by on this one.  Just need three little tech tools to master your domain at your business.

Here are the 3 techs skills you’ll need to know as a Business Owner:

  1. Social Media – I’m not talking about going on Facebook and LinkedIn to both a few selfies.  Social media is all about posting hashtags that are relevant to your industry, and may be searchable.  On the socialization end, you need to put out meaningful content that can get your potential customers talking.  Don’t just look at it as an avenue to throw advertising down people’s throats.  That will go nowhere fast.  You have to keep it fresh, current, and having people want to return to see more.
  2. Google Analytics – You’ve got a website.  Big whoop!  It means nothing if you don’t know where your visitors are coming from or what pages get the most traction.  Google Analytics will inform you what services or products are most popular.  Then, you can leverage those popular pages.
  3. Online Backup – Yup, you knew I’d get a little more tech on you!  If you lose all your files tomorrow, would you be able to cope with it?  Yeah, didn’t think so.  In that case, make sure your company files are backed up online.  Yes, online.  Don’t give me the “I don’t think it’s secure” excuse.  Just do it because if your external drives with all your files fails, where does that leave you?  You can use any number of online resources including: Google drive, Office 365, Amazon, etc.

So, embrace these three new tech skills and you will be on your way to more success.  It will just arm you with more success by having these tech skills in your back pocket.  Don’t and well, that’s up to you and I thank you for your time and attention.


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