3 Reasons why your laptop is slow.

PIcture of turtle with text on laptop, "Laptop running slow"Your laptop is slowing down.  Hey, we get it, we all get older and your laptop is no different.  Surely, there’s a reason for it though, right?  Right!  Let’s see what the top three reasons are for why your laptop is so slow.  Then, maybe you can be proactive to do something about it, much like you do about your own health and age, right?!

Here are the top 3 reasons why your laptop is slow:

  1. Hard drive is slowly but surely dying a slow death.  Your hard drive is typically the first to eat it.  It’s the most sensitive and does not absorb shock well.  Ergo, when you are rough with your laptop, it will feel the effects and take revenge!  Also, don’t blame yourself 100% as hard drives, with all their moving parts inside, do fail over time.  They don’t last forever as they say.  I can here all the old-timers now, “My Dell laptop lasted 14 years and still didn’t die when I bought my new laptop.  They don’t make them like they used to.”  Very true.  We are in the ‘Who’s got the fastest, biggest hard drive’ game nowadays and when you press the pedal to the metal, things will certainly break faster.
  2. Hello, newfound virus friend.  Nice to meet you.  Yes, you too can be infected!  You may not get the grave warning that shouts, “You have been infected.  Report to the FBI!”  But, what’s worse is you may have a virus or spyware festering underneath the hood and causing file corruption and slow processing.  That’s needs to be squashed right away or else it could get worse.
  3. Need more speed.  All may be well with your laptop, but your needs have changed.  You have more apps, more files, more streaming.  What does that mean?  You need more RAM!  Yup, as simple as that.  Your needs have grown and your laptop needs to follow suit.

When your laptop starts to slow down, these are the three things to look out for.  Take action or if not comfortable, seek out local NYC computer repair help to do so.

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