The WOW! Computer for Seniors – Is this computer right for your parent or grandparent?

Computer with grandfather and granddaughterSo, we visited a lovely lady who was referred to us from The WOW! Computer company.  Wow indeed!  We had no clue who Wow was or what they were all about, but we were up for the challenge.

We learned that WOW! is a Linux-based computer designed especially for seniors.  This computer is meant to be so super-duper easy that even your mother, father, or dare I say it, grandparents could work it.  That begs the question, why did this sweet woman need help with her WOW! computer if it was so simple to handle?

Simple answer: Nobody taught her how to use it! What?! For $1,099, this sweet senior citizen couldn’t get a walk-through?  And that’s with $200 off.  A brief tutorial?  A computer user manual?  Something?  That’s the one downfall or should I say sad part about WOW!  Wow is right!  This woman called us saying she has no clue how to go on the Internet or email.  That’s the whole part of this system.  To easily allow to do that.  You know, send your pics to your grandchildren or kids.

Moving on, the computer itself is a nice design.  It has a 21.5-inch touch screen.  No need for keyboard or mouse if you feel your loved one will be better without one.  It is certainly lacking in fire power, only showcasing an Intel Celeron Processor and 2GB of RAM.  The hard drive only has 32GB.  Very sad especially if you want to store a lot of photos on there.  Definitely not impressed with the specs for that price tag.

The system itself is easy to use with big square icons to press for email, the Internet, games and chatting.  It all is pretty intuitive, but definitely needs a quick tutorial by someone who is tech-savvy.  My advice is to buy a $300-500 touch screen all-in-one computer and set up the new computer to how it will be easy to go on the Internet, email, and the like.  Save yourself the heavy price tag and limited specs.  And save yourself the WOW! expense and weak hardware.

So, what should you do instead of buying a WOW! Computer? 

In lieu of buying an overpriced WOW! Computer, we recommend scheduling a free computer chat to customize the perfect computer for you.  If you have specific requirements and want to ensure your learning curve is nice and easy, this is ideal.  We’ve been able to set up computers for folks who have disabilities, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s, and other challenges we’re happy to work with. We can also provide websites that you can learn about computers and Cisco Certifications such as Certbolt, ExamSnap.

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39 thoughts on “The WOW! Computer for Seniors – Is this computer right for your parent or grandparent?”

  1. Wow, computer is best for all those who are looking for simple and easy to use system.
    Wow computer make your work so much easy, it has awesome features which allow you to directly surf website, internet surfing, watching videos.
    Any body who is looking for computer for seniors, so i would like to recommend them wow computer.

    BTW, author described each and everything related to the wow computer, so the one should have no need to do more research about it. This is a well explained article.

    1. Well, WOW is really a computer meant to be used by seniors. It’s actually pretty nice – self intuitive and easy to use.

      I don’t know about the A plus computer if there is one. I know there’s an A+ certification you can take to learn about computers and hardware…

  2. I took one look at the WOW computer and said to myself ‘ What piece of overpriced crap”. My neighbor showed one of two WOW computers her father had gotten suckered into buying . Where do they get off charging that much for a computer with only 32 Gigs of storage (with the option of Cloud storage) . My neighbor thought that with that nice large touch screen , she would have little trouble using the computer. She came over my house today complaining that it didnt do what she wanted it to do and after typing a resume on the computer , it disappeared off her screen never to be found again. Linux is more of a technical users OS . To have a version “modified”for their computer is kind of a rotten in Denmark issue too. LINUX is an open source OS that is supposed to be for those who are computer savvy enough to assist in making it a better system publicly. I can build a nice tower system for about 1000 dollars that would have 600 to 1000 times more storage space. Heck you can even buy a nice all in one touch screen computer for about 300 bucks more than what they charge for this stupid computer system. It definitely in my opinion was developed to scam unsuspecting seniors out of their money thinking ‘” oh gee , i can get online and talk to my children and have them send pictures of my grandchildren and talk and see them when i talk to them”. With 2 Gigs of ram and storage of only 32 gigs you are just barely going to do the things you want to. This thing is an overglorified tablet with a big screen. I was skeptical when I first saw this device advertised in the AARP magazine when they first came out and my suspicions were right . Don’t let your loved ones spend their retirement money or social security check on this piece of junk. I don’t want to call this a scam, as I don’t want to be sued . But this think IS A PIECE OF CRAP!!!

  3. Edward Mattern

    My mother -,in-,law has loved her Wow computer for about three years. She recently had a problem she called teach support and all said and done their tech stool $200.00 from her and did not fix her computer. The company told her they can’t get her money back! Hey, it was their employee! They don’t stand behind what their employees do? My advice be careful if you decide to heal with this company, very, very careful!!!!

    1. Joe Silverman

      Sorry to hear, Edward. That’s a shame that WOW is taking advantage of the very same kinds of folks they’re supposed to help out. I actually started my company, New York Computer Help, for that aim – to help seniors with computers and avoid them from being preyed on by irresponsible computer repair places. WOW by itself is not a bad interface as it simplifies things for seniors. However, with a big of configurations with font and desktop settings, a tech support person could set up a similar concept at a far cheaper cost.

  4. I can’t believe the price on this computer.I remember an old saying of my Mother comes into mind after seeing the price A fool and there money soon part.I have several High powered computers for less than the price of this one.I read the article in the AARP July Edition and was interested until I saw the price. and done some research.Guess ill head for Amazon or Ebay.My Wife wants a laptop and this one is just to costly.How can they sell A computer for such a price is beyond me

    1. Joe Silverman

      Agreed, John. As mentioned to Edward, it’s best to just buy an entry level computer and scale it down to make it easier to navigate.

  5. Linda simeone

    Can you creatively write on a WOW? I’m a Technophobe.I’ve had several laptops and hated all if them. They freeze up, stall throw mumbo jumbo and then I lose my desire to write. Not a big fan of cyberspace. This WOW seems less intimidating.

    1. Joe Silverman

      Hi Linda, In the end, it’s best to research WOW, PC computer and Macs to see which one may work best for you. You can write on the WOW. It has an integrated word processor and has all the software according to WOW that lets you read incoming word documents. An alternative is to buy Microsoft Office 365 for $10-15/month along with a PC or Mac and use that or to go with WOW. Check out your options as there are many.

  6. I have to agree with Rick. It’s an overpriced piece of junk and a scam.

    I also resent how the computers are advertised. Not all seniors are tech idiots. Some of us are very tech savvy and don’t like being talked to like we’re in kindergarten. Wozniak, Gates, and if he were still alive, Jobs are all “seniors”. They and others like them are the pioneers, the innovators who got this whole thing really going. Whether or not that’s a good thing or a bad thing is another discussion.

    1. Joe Silverman

      Hey Chris, I do think the WOW computers are overpriced. At $1,099, there are a lot of other options. I agree with the scam comment for their awful tech support! That’s why we have a lot of our customers asking for our help instead of the scam-like tech support practices.

  7. Joe,
    I want to assure you that the Wow computer is not a scam.
    We have been in business for 9 years.
    We have over 35 Support Agents helping seniors every day.
    We also have a full development team that manages the Operating System Software, develops Application Software and the back end software.
    We provide Automatic Software Updates, System Backup and System Monitoring.
    The computer comes with a full set of Video Tutorials, and a full Users Manual.
    The computer has the resources to run efficiently on a Linux Operating System.
    We put more value in the Software and Support. A 1 TB hard drive does nothing to help a senior use the computer. We use Flash Drives because they are faster and more reliable.
    I am very proud of our support agents. They are caring and helpful with our customers.
    They take the time to show seniors how use the computer. They will even get on a three way call with a Internet provider to help the customer set up internet service. They will do what it takes to get the customers problem solved.
    We get complimentary letters and emails every day. Every computer sold comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. This puts the ball in our court to make sure we get the customer up and running successfully with their computer. Many of our customers have never used a computer before. It can be challenging to get them up in running, but this is what we do.

    Unfortunately there was a scam website for called wowcomputersupport.com They did scam 4 of our customers that I know of. It took longer than I wanted to get the it shut down (over a month), but it is now shut down.
    If you or any of our readers have any questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call. 800-730-6893.
    I will also ask Edward Mattern to get in touch with us to find out what happened. We certainly want to make thing right for him and his mother in law.
    Fred Allegrezza, CEO Telikin Computer, makers of the Wow Computer.

    1. Hi Fred, we appreciate your reply and help to clear up this fake scam. I’m sorry you had to go through it and glad you had this forum to discuss your side of things. I’m glad you’re around to help seniors and hope the rest of your team is as genuine and caring.

  8. Ed,
    Please give us a call. I would like to get this corrected. Please have the support agent send this to me.
    Fred Allegrezza, CEO Telikin Makers of the Wow computer.

  9. I was told that the Wow computer is made by a company called First Street when I called for info. Is this a false statement?

  10. If you are planning to buy wow computer then think twice, Why?

    Like any other computer you have to install remote desktop software then you give your details to your family. Here in wow computer, remote desktop software Tech Buddy is pre-installed and Wow computer from the First street already knew the password and username of your computer.

    If you are using wow computer than please beware of wow computer from the first street and Telikin, these computer companies are keeping the access of there customers computer and they can see their customer’s computer any time any day by just one click. So please if you do online banking and shopping then, please do not buy wow computer.

    It’s not secure from the security point of view, Old people do banking and shopping on different sites and by just one click and a representative from wow computer can access the computer and see what they are doing.

    Senior people buy wow computer because they want to talk to their love once and if there is any breach of their privacy then this is not acceptable by any individual.

    We check there term and condition they never mentioned that they can access wow computer any time by just one click and when you call them they never said it over the phone as well.

  11. My father bought the WOW about 3 yrs ago. I thought it was an overpriced computer from the get go, but it was his choice. He enjoyed being on the computer, and being 82 yrs old I was happy for him. Now he goes to turn it on and it don’t work, after 3 yrs. I am using an HP computer that I bought in 2000, and it works just as good as the day I bought it. My problem with the WOW, is it’s an overpriced piece of crap and the company is taking advantage of senior citizens. You can go out and buy a good computer for half the price of the WOW. And the kicker was calling customer support, If he sent in an initial payment of $99.00 and then another payment of somewhere around $499.00 they would send him another WOW, after he returned the one he got ripped off buying. This company should be looked into.

  12. Jeanne Silverberg

    Does wow make a laptop for seniors ? We have the WOW desktop and would like something more portable for other areas of the home?

  13. Mr Pearl says that Tech Buddy will know your password and username. Arn’t you required to set up your own when you get the computer?

    1. Joe Silverman

      For good security, yes, you should change your password and be the only one who knows it.

    1. Joe Silverman

      Hi Donald, if you’re savvy enough to be able to load the Chrome OS and install it on the WOW! computer, go for it. But, I’m a big believer that you should stick with the same OS that the drivers are meant for.

  14. Louis Mascitello

    I beg to differ on “Linux is a system for…”. There are Lx distributions that are aimed specifically to the Pre-K age as well as those where one WOULD need be an engineer. That’s the beauty of it. Lx isn’t “a system”, it is myriad systems that can be tinkered into anything you’d want it to be. I am, at this moment, using a version called “Mint” If I dropped it onto a W-XP, 7, 8 or 10 user’s machine, (and I have), they could scarcely tell the difference. I have installed Lx versions for musicians, DJs and podcasters as well as for kids! It’s versatility is it’s strength. Oh, AND it’s security outpaces that of the other two major operating systems. By far. So it’s unfair to say that Lx is a problem for seniors! Okay, TRUE that the specs, (otherwise), are terrible! $1300!! You’re right! I could blow together a $500-$700 box with at least twice the processor, 4X the RAM and a at least .5 TB of storage! Not in a “bulky” tower, either. This Wow thing may well be the right choice for some folks, bless their hearts, but almost anyone with a screwdriver can do better.

    1. Joe Silverman

      Love it, Louis! Yes, WOW! doesn’t stand a chance price-wise and spec-wise to the properly configured Linux designs. thanks for your comments.

  15. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT BUY A WOW Computer, This is the second one I bought from them at half price because the first one quit working only after a year, Now if I try to play games or play youtube music videos or even try to access google, my hard-drive almost instantly freezes up (that’s the little blue light underneath your red light at the lower bottom left). I’ve unplugged, wiped both Caches numerous times, it won’t help. So they told me it has to be my IP (Hughesnet satellite GEN-5) that’s the problem, so I switched providers and the same shit happens, hard-drive still freezes up, so I had a friend bring over his home computer (HP 22-c0073w all in one) He hooked up and what do you know, no hard drive freeze-ups and produced exceptionally fast speed uploading/downloading, can play any games I want to with no hiccups. The WOW computer is pure junk and I would NOT recommend it to my worst enemy. Long story short, I’m going to buy the same computer that my friend has: HP 22-c0073, ALL IN ONE- Touch screen PC, 22″ Display, Intel Celeron G4900T 2.9 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 1TB HDD for $296.55, it kicks the holy crap out of WOW computers for a 5th of the price, plus I’ll get lifetime Tech help from HP or as long as I own it, and this isn’t a refurbished one either.

  16. Suzie Russell Woods

    DO NOT BUY A Telikin computer for a senior. It can’t do anything without paying a $15/month fee for the life of your computer or the operating system closes permanently and the computer is totally unusable. Sold to my 85 year-old mother as a laptop for Seniors, first off-not a laptop, 2nd-not senior friendly, 3rd-can’t do ANYTHING except the limited things they allow. DO NOT BUY A TELIKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I bought the WOW computer .I thought this would be right for me. AQfter about a year and half I started having problems with this computer freezing up. It freezes up while on the web playing games. I have been in touch with tech support twice. Both times I was told that I was not the only person with this problem and they are trying to solve the problem. I have had tech support wipe the cashes both times and still haven’t fixed the problem. I don’t know what what the problem is BUT GET THE DAMN PROBLEM FIXED

    1. Hi Scott, you can always look to return the computer. See if your credit card you used has purchase protection. If their tech support hasn’t helped yet, I’d recommend returning it and getting your money back.





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