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Firefox vs Chrome – Which is better? Faster?

browser iconsFirefox vs. Chrome.  The showdown!  Which browser is better? And faster?

Well, let’s first say what they both can accomplish.  Both Firefox and Chrome can access your favorite sites and bookmarks.  They both have tabbed browsing and can be accessed from any computer.

In short, I first used Firefox after being sick of tired of the sluggish Internet Explorer.  I was happy that Firefox was much quicker and less virus-prone.  But, it was missing something.  It felt a little clunky.

But, there were things I’ve enjoyed with Firefox.  You can customize your browsing experience better than Chrome by going into the Additional Tools and Features.  You can drag around bars and buttons that way you’d like.  The problem I have with Firefox is the Extensions and how it slows up the rest of my computer when using it.  Plus, it seems to be a magnet for adware and computer virus issues.

With Chrome, I like how I can log in with Gmail and easily access it from my home and office computer along with my iPhone.  I see my bookmarks across all devices by logging in.  Pretty cool!  Plus, with Chrome, the interface is clean and takes up the whole monitor or screen page.  The menu is neatly tucked together to the top-right of the page versus Firefox’s classic top menu page.  Also, Chrome suggests search options and keeps your 9 most visited pages handy for easy access.

Chrome just nails it and it’s the browser I would have designed if given the chance. Go with Chrome!

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