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Is my phone waterproof?

iPhone in waterIs my phone waterproof?  Let’s first say what your phone probably is, it’s most likely water-resistant.  If you have the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, then your phone is waterproof.  That means it will if you made an oopsy, as in whoops, I dropped my phone in a puddle or some liquid spilled on your phone, it will be able to defend itself.  Further, if you’re in a light drizzle for a couple minutes with your phone exposed, your phone should still be safe.

But, if you’re planning to take a swim in the ocean or a pool for 20-30 minutes, your supposed water-resistant or waterproof phone will not make it.  At best, the screen will work, but what will most likely have issues is the sound.  We had an adventurous young iPhone repair tech think his new iPhone 7 Plus phone was waterproof so he showered with it for about 20 minutes.  He came into our office ready to work.  He was very proud that his screen looked the same.  But, when playing music, it sounded scratchy and distorted.  Plus, his charging port was intermittently charging.

The bottom line is waterproof or water-resistant doesn’t account for protecting the open ports on your phone.  Your headphone jack, your charging port, and speakers.  So, unless you have a beefy Otterbox or other tank of a case, you’re looking for trouble when testing your phone in water.

Yes, we’ve been known to fix phones from water damage, but it’s not typically a positive result to be quite honest with you.

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