Can’t turn Mac on after hibernation or sleep mode

Wake Up on Mac screenSo, you’re unable to turn your Mac back on after it sleeps.  This is when you’ve been away from your Mac for a while, it’s in sleep or hibernation mode, and then it won’t resume by hitting one of the keys.  What can you do to fix your Mac?

Let’s look first at the few possibilities why you cannot wake it up from sleep:

  • Your screen brightness might be turned down.
  • If you’re using an external display, your display might be turned off.
  • Your Mac might be in safe sleep. To wake from safe sleep, press the power button.
  • Check for a sleep indicator light, if applicable, and make sure that your Mac isn’t turned off.

Have you upgraded to Sierra?

If you’ve installed macOS Sierra, you can try resetting the NVRAM and PRAM. To do so, restart your Mac and then hold down the Cmd + Option + P + R keys together until you hear the startup chime sound twice. After the second chime sound, release the keys and your Mac should hopefully will correct the hibernation mode.

If these steps don’t work out for, feel free to contact the best Mac repair service in NYC, us!  We’ll be happy to provide a free diagnostic to determine the exact reason and fix for your Mac sleep hibernation issue.

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