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How to better organize your Gmail. 4 Gmail tips to improve your life.

Gmail tips and tricksGmail is great.  It’s free.  It’s big.  But it’s still kind of, well, a hot mess.  There are a few quick tips you can follow to make Gmail a little bit more inviting and easier to navigate through.

Here are a few tips to better organize your Gmail:

  • Choose your Gmail design – The regular design you’re offered with Gmail is pretty white-washed and dull.  You can change it up with clicking the Cog wheel on the right top-side and choose Theme to change up the colors.
  • Choose which emails you see first – Switch it up by prioritizing the view you prefer.  For instance, the Default view shows the newest messages first, but you can also have Important, Unread, or Starred messages show up first.  To switch this up, go to Settings (the cog wheel in the right-hand corner of your inbox) -> Inbox tab – >Inbox type
  • Check out Google Labs tab – These are all of Google’s beta projects and some are actually pretty cool like the Preview Pane option that allows you to multi-task.  I find myself tooling around in here a lot to maximize Gmail for me.
  • Filter out spam emails – We all sign up for free stuff, but you don’t always want to give your regular email address in fear of it being spammed.  Instead, you can add a “+” and any word before the @ symbol to flag these.  For instance, it would be [email protected].  These emails will still reach you, but Gmail will typically filter them automatically as junk.  If it doesn’t, you can set up a label to delete or forward these future spam emails.

Don’t let Gmail get you down. Try these tips to help you out.  If you have other Gmail / email issues, feel free to reach out to our email NYC computer expert for further help.

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