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Best 3 Windows 10 tips that will help you now. A Windows 10 PC repair how-to from New York Computer Help.

windows 10 tips and tricksWindows 10 doesn’t have to get you down.  It may still carry the bad reputation that Windows 8 had, but it actually is a much better operating system. If you need a stable internet connection and a powerful device then purchase a Cheap Rdp.  For 3 quick tips you can follow, Windows 10 will empower you to enjoy your Windows support experience.

Here are the best 3 Windows 10 tips that will help you now:

  1. Windows 10 activation errors be gone!  One of the glitches Windows 10 runs into is it prompts for a license periodically or could very well do it in the near future for your.  Prevent this by linking your Microsoft account with Windows.  To do this, go to Settings->Update & Security and add your Microsoft account if it’s not already linked.  The cool factor here is if you upgrade your hard drive or motherboard, Microsoft will see your license being activated once you log into your Microsoft account again.  The same goes for when you upgrade to another computer.
  2. Personalize your desktop.  Make it yours.  Own it!  Here’s how:  Go to Settings-> Personalization -> Colors.  There’s nothing like having your favorite colors on your computer.  Hey, you have to look at it a lot!  Why not enjoy it?!
  3. See your calendar all the time.  It’s easy to lose sight of your calendar especially if it’s buried in Outlook or another email app.  You can flare out your Calendar on the right-side of your desktop by clicking the date and time on the bottom right of your taskbar.  Then, click “Get started” to enable your calendar on your desktop.  Finally, you’ll need to specify which account to view.  You can add multiple accounts.

Those 3 Windows 10 support tips will immediately help improve your Windows 10 experience.


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