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When’s the Apple iTV set coming out?

apple itv release dateIs that on your mind like it is for me?  When is the Apple TV coming out?  What’s the next Apple product going to be?  A better question is: When is there going to be a new Apple product?

Apple has certainly rested its laurels on the iPhone.  Hey, wouldn’t you?  It’s the best product in the market and it definitely pays the bills and then some.  But, what’s the deal with ingenuity in the post-Steve Jobs era?  All we’ve gotten is later generations of the same product.  Newer Macbooks, newer iPhones, newer Watches, blah, blah, and blah.

Apple is supposed to be the most creative IT tech company in the world.  But, it comes out with a shoddy Touch Bar in a MacBook?  Really?  I’d rather just touch my iPhone or iPad, no thank you.  The Mac desktop has become a black Darth Vader look-alike.  But, there’s minimal scalebility inside that tiny dark box.

What I really want, borderline beg for is the Apple TV.  None of this connect a tiny Apply TV adapter to a TV crap.  I want the real deal of an actual TV that can be called Apple TV.  There were hints of a 55-inch Apple TV coming out.  An actual TV set made by Apple.  But, those ideas have been quashed in 2016 due to a lack of features that would distinguish it from the competition.

Very sad.  Imagine a borderless glass TV with easily connected ports.  Nowadays, you have nice-looking Smart TV’s, but it’s still a bit clunky to track down the HDMI and other ports to connect to your computer, gaming machines, and other devices.  The iTV would be seamless and easily connected.

Let’s break that down: it means Apple support has not been creative enough to be different than Samsung TV’s.  That’s a pity.  I really thought Apple was all about bringing your devices to the living room.  Without an actual TV, I feel they fall short.  No iTV folks.  I’m disappointed and saddened by this as well.

So, when’s the next iPhone generation coming out?  Ah yes, September.  Just like it does every year.

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