How can I protect my iPhone? – What’s the best iPhone case? – What’s the best iPhone tempered glass?

hammer hitting iPhoneProtecting your iPhone is a necessity.  I’m not talking about engulfing your iPhone in a Lifeproof beastly case so you can’t type on it.  As with any security prevention, you need it to not be over-intrusive and by all means not an inconvenience.  The same applies to your iPhone.  You’ll need it to be protected while not causing it become a paperweight.

Here’s what not to get:

Don’t buy Lifeproof or other two-ton brick-like cases.  What winds up happening?  You take it out of your case to type on or use, and that’s when it breaks.  We see customers stop in a zillion times for this reason.  “Well, I ordered the $85 Lifeproof case, but didn’t have it on when it fell.”  Yup, it’s called having a bad case, people!

Alright, here are some sure bets that will protect your iPhone and still allow you function like a normal human being:

Here are my favorite iPhone cases: Tech 21, Spigen, and Baseus.  I’m a big fan of the Tech 21 cases.  It has a hard rubber, includes enough traction, and absorbs falls.  The same applies for Spigen and Baseus, but make sure you buy the cases that are rubber or silicone cases, not the low-profile, plastic ones.

You’ll also want to buy tempered glass for your iPhone.  Why do you need this if you already have a case?  If you still drop your phone, you’ll need to protect the glass when it hits the ground.  Plus, if your iPhone is just sitting down and minding its own business, there’s still a chance a flying projectile may fall on it.  Plus, why not go the extra mile for a device that you look at probably like. oh, every 5 minutes!

As for tempered glass options, don’t make this too complicated.  Just get any of them.  There are 101 different options and all do the same thing, protect your glass.  You’ll be paying anywhere from $5 – 30.  By all means, don’t pay through the nose for Apple to install their Belkin tempered glass solutions for you.  For $50 or another obscene amount, you can do it better and faster.

So, there you have it.  Protect your iPhone is the underlying theme here.  If you didn’t protect it or maybe you did and still got a cracked iPhone glass, you can stop in to our iPhone repair center in NYC for an on-the-spot iPhone repair service.

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