Windows updates don’t stop downloading and installing. Should I turn off my computer?

Windows update at startup on computerMicrosoft is a big fan of installing its own Windows updates.  Even when you buy a new computer, there is that little Windows updates icon on the bottom-right of your computer begging you to download and install them.  But, what happens when your computer restarts to Windows updates installing and you can’t log into your computer?

You’ve probably seen this before.  You know, that slow-motion moment where Windows has had enough of waiting for you to schedule Windows updates to install.  While you’re in mid-work, Microsoft decides to reboot your computer to install Windows updates.  You might not be lucky enough to see this lovely, sudden occurrence happen.  Instead, you may wake up to your Windows laptop or desktop installing Microsoft’s Windows updates.  Or you may walk into work, ready to work, but cannot due to the dreaded Windows updates spinning its wheels, preventing you from working.

So, can you just turn it off?  Is this a game of Russian roulette? Yes, it is.  Windows updates is really just doing its thing.  It’s installing all the Windows updates that have been downloaded.  The mystery is if it is really productively installing all Windows updates or has it gotten stuck somewhere.  And we all know that Microsoft support gets stuck often.

Here are the steps to take if your Windows updates don’t stop downloading and installing:

Let is go. Let it go.

Sorry for the Frozen movie reference.  Couldn’t resist.  If you’re at home, let it go for a few hours.  Hopefully, it will see its way through.  If you’re at work, well, you can’t be so patient.

Hold down the power button until it turns off.

Cross your fingers, wait one minute, and press the power button again to turn on your computer.  Pray and hope it will works its way out.

If step two did not work, you can put on your PC repair tech hat on and try to repair your Windows updates issue.

Restart your computer, keep pressing F8 until you have the option to Repair your computer.  Select that option and attempt to restore your computer to a previously working date.

All failed?  Call in reinforcements.

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