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Should you buy the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar? – Apple support review

dont buy macbook 2016The MacBook Pro has been out for a bit with its latest Touch Bar.  You may have thought of buying one.  I just got this question asked to me once again by a customer.

My response was to just buy a refurbished MacBook.  Why?  The Touch Bar does live up to the hype, sure.  It’s fun to consider your MacBook having a 10% touch screen and 90% normal screen.  Yes, it’s a cool toy to play with.  Consider it having a 10% iPhone on your MacBook.  Yay!  Really, yay?  Well, if you’re jonesing for something new in the Apple world, go for it.

Me?  Nope.  Something new means entirely new not this 10% crap.  Don’t tease me with your 10% touch screen.  That’s ridiculous.  Yes, I know, that’s what iPads and iPhones are for, actual touch screens.

The only reason the Apple support folks don’t put out a 100% touch screen is because it will kill the iPad line as we know it.  Why buy an iPad if your laptop can do the same stuff?  So, for that twisted business reason alone is the reason I’m up on arms with this 10% touch screen laptop.

I will not be a part of buying into the supposed Apple ecosystem when being part of it means buying every product.  Let’s take a step back and recall how the Sony Walkman player was a beautiful MP3 player.  Then, Apple introduced the iPhone that also played MP3 songs along with videos and pretty much everything else.  Sony from there on could not complete and you know what, I was happy for Apple for putting together a “multi-tasking” device.  Now, fast forward to today where unfortunately the definition of multi-tasking by Apple service equipment means the requirement of owning multiple devices to carry through multiple functions.

The lost art of creation from Apple has caused it to separate its functionality among Apple devices.  Very sad and to this end I will not be a fan or proponent of such a 10% touch screen functionality.

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