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Apple won’t fix my vintage Macbook. Now, what do I do?

Macbook with rainbow logoAh yes, the “vintage” Mac definition by Apple.  What does it mean?  It means Apple doesn’t want to help you with your slightly older Mac!  So sad.

Classic everyday example:

Customer: I have a MacBook Pro that doesn’t start up.

Genius Bar: Your model is 6 years old.  It is a vintage product and no longer supported.

Customer: It worked yesterday and as of today, stopped working.  There were no spills or drops.  Why wouldn’t you support your own product?!

Genius Bar:  Sorry, this is now deemed a vintage and therefore an obsolete product.  As such, we have discontinued support for your product.

Customer: You su$@! $%%@ $$%@

Okay, so you caught the frustration part of the Apple customer.  I don’t blame him or her.  The “vintage” tag that Apple gives to products is complete crap and the Apple support folks should be ashamed of themselves.  To create a product and just be hands-off after 5+ years.  Terrible.  Just terrible.

So, the question then becomes: “Who will now service your vintage Macbook?”

At New York Computer Help, we do not discriminate against any Macbook and gladly accept all “vintage,” “obsolete,” and other Macbooks that the gatekeepers at Apple turn away.

In case you’re wondering what the definition of a “vintage” Apple product is, it is an Apple product that has not been manufactured for more than 5 years ago and less than 7 years ago.  Those Apple products over the 7 year period are known as obsolete.  So, to sum that up, if you Apple product is 5 years old or older, Apple will no longer support it.  How’s that for backing up your product?

So, again, New York Computer Help is the best vintage Macbook repair service in NYC to go to.  We don’t look to see how old your Mac is.  The sole purpose is to fix your Macbook, period.

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Got any further questions? Walk in for a free diagnostic in NYC:

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Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.


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