How to fix a kernel panic on your MacBook?

Macbook with kernel panic errorYou’re working away on your MacBook and all of a sudden, boom!  Your screen becomes black and gray, displaying a long cryptic message with a lot of kernel panic warnings.  A kernel panic is similar to a blue screen of death on a Windows computer, but could be more serious.

So, how can you fix a kernel panic on your MacBook?

Here are the steps to take:

1. If you received your first kernel panic, queue on the “Like a Virgin” music and congratulations.

Go about your business and pretend it didn’t happen.  It could have been a false positive, possibly a fleeting malformed network packet or malfunctioning connected device.  And obviously, remove any connected devices.

2. If you continually receive the kernel panic error, start removing your most recent apps you’ve installed.

They may not be playing nicely and are corrupted.

3. Still no dice? Restart into safe boot by restarting and hold down the Shift key until you see the gray Apple logo.

This disables some software and runs clean-up processes that may automatically fix your kernel panic.

4. At square one still?  Update your operating system to the latest and greatest.

Your current one may be outdated and not up to date for the latest software you have installed.

5. The next step would be to check your hard drive.

Go to Disk Utility, select your hard drive, and click Repair Disk.  If you receive red errors, your hard drive could be in jeopardy and you should seek out a MacBook hard drive repair expert.

6. Last step would be to check your RAM.

Hey, you never know.  They could cause odd errors too.  One of the quickest RAM check tests you can run is by restarting your Mac and hold down the D key immediately when you hear the boot chimes.  This will allow you to access the Apple hardware tests to perform the RAM test.

Hope you will have luck with these tests to fix your kernel panic on your MacBook.  If you need further help, you should reach out to a MacBook kernel panic repair company in NYC to further assist you.

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