Are Windows Updates Bad for Your PC – How to stop Windows Updates from crashing your PC?

Windows updates crash blue screenIf your PC has recently crashed, no doubt I’ll blame Windows updates 9 out of the 10 times.  Lately, Windows updates and their mountain of requested patience that comes along with them is nothing but flawed.  So, do you even need them?  How can you stop Windows updates from crashing your PC?

Look, as all people start out, they mean well and have good intentions.  But, and this is a big but, the implementation part gets are screwed up and twisted.  The same goes with Windows updates.  Microsoft rolls them out to fix Windows issues they should have already fixed before.  That’s the bottom line.  The mumbo-jumbo you here about patches, closing up vulnerabilities, and making the Windows operating system running smoother, is all tongue and cheek crap for Microsoft is fixing their own previous crap!

The big Windows issue here is that these updates’ main concern is fixing its own issues.  In doing so, it really doesn’t prioritize playing nicely with others.  For example, when a new video driver update comes out for Microsoft, it will just go all speed ahead and install it.  Now, when the Dell, Lenovo, or another PC manufacturer video driver, such as Radeon, is really the only one meant to be run, guess what happens when the Windows update installs its own generic crappy video driver?  Crash!  Blue screen of death! PC is not starting any more!

So, do we even need to deal with Windows updates?  What’s the use if it just interferes with what is already working?

Well, I prefer the hybrid approach.  The hybrid approach.  Set up your Windows updates settings to download the updates, but you have the control of which ones should be installed.  The strategy here is that any updates that include drivers, such as video drivers, sound drivers, audio drivers, or anything else should be avoided.  That way, it won’t mess with the software controlling your hardware.  Any other updates, go for it and install away.

1. Go to Settings by clicking Start and selecting the Wrench or Settings

2. Click Settings or Change PC Settings

3. Select Update and recovery or Update and security

4. Choose Windows Update or  how updates get installed

5. On Advanced options, click the drop-down and set it to download and allow you to install if you want.  For Windows 10, officially, you cannot stop the updates but you can defer them by choosing Defer Upgrades.

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3 thoughts on “Are Windows Updates Bad for Your PC – How to stop Windows Updates from crashing your PC?”

  1. why don’t we start a class action against them for non-productivity and loss of income! These updates have caused more downtime than any application i know! If my business sold a product that needed constant updates, and crashed clients systems we would be sued and out of business don’t you think?

    1. Yes, we should lawyer up and take this right into the teeth of Microsoft! Now, who’s with us?!

  2. Me! About five hours and then it ran out of charge and I had to start all over. Upgrading from Windows 7 to 10. I just home my hardware can handle it. I’d love a Mac, but they are too pricey!

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