Remove Google Redirect Virus – How to get rid of Google Redirect Virus – Best way to remove Google Redirect Virus

Yup, the classic website direct, the Google Redirect Virus.  

Just as it sounds, you’ll be perfectly happy checking out your ESPN website, NY Post, or email, and then, BAM!  It hits you!  The Google Redirect Virus!  What does it do?  It redirects you to another web page, duh!  

Fix Redirect VirusYup, it’s not fun.  You may be able to have the patience for one or two redirects.  But, if it keeps on happening, well, it’s time to do something about it.  

This Search redirect virus originally came out in 2010 and is still finding its way on PCs and Macs.  Unfortunately, a typical anti-virus program cannot remove it.  That’s because this Google redirect virus leaves barely any footprint so it’s untraceable by anti-virus programs.  

How can you get rid of the Google Redirect Virus?

The first way is with a lot of patience, a security expert mind, and a ton of time.  You’ll need a ton of manual steps to remove this nasty little trojan.  

We know, our computer virus experts require several hours to remove the Google Redirect Virus on many computers.  It’s not a fun task at all.  This virus literally hijacks your browser, sending you to bad websites that will inject more infections on your computer.  Whether you use Google, Yahoo, or Bing, the redirect will keep occurring since your registry has already been hijacked as well.  Pretty nasty!

Okay if the first way isn’t an option, here’s another way.  

If you don’t have the expertise and time to manually remove this Google redirect virus, then you can wipe out your files, data and reinstall your operating system.  

Yup, it’s a huge headache.  You’ll need the operating system media; you’ll have to back up your files; track down your software; and know how to install drivers and configurations back to your home or office network.  Not fun.

Or you can take the easy way out.  

There is actually a very simple one-click solution for this.  Just as Staples has the “Easy Button,” you can call this the “Easy Click” for removing the Google Redirect Virus.  It takes barely five minutes and will save your computer.  And you’ll be able to move forward like it never happened.

So, what are you waiting for?  

Click here to get rid of your Google Redirect Virus:

Redirect Virus Fix

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