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Best way to prevent your computer from getting hacked – Top 5 steps to take to protect yourself from hackers.

Computer Hacker on LaptopNobody likes being hacked.  Being hacked means sharing your credit card information, bank info, and really opening up your personal photos and confidential data.  It’s a scary thing and nobody should be privy to your stuff.

You can get hacked in a number of ways, through your iPhone or smartphone, computer, or via the telephone if you’re gullible enough.

Here’s the best way to prevent your computer from getting hacked:

  1. Lock up!  Set up a password.

Too many people walk around all willy-nilly without passwords.  That’s the easiest way for hackers to break in.  No password on your laptop or phone.  Step away and the hacker can physically enter your domain.  Or go to a coffee shop and there are many Wi-Fi hackers who can sneak onto your phone.  Set up a password.  It’s easy and adds the quickest layer of protection.

2.  Set up 2-step verification.

On sites like Gmail, PayPal, and your bank sites, it is important to set up 2-step verification.  This alerts you anytime someone accesses the site.  As such, you’ll get a code sent to your phone or email and will need to verify it.  This is key to thwart website hacks.

3.  Set up a VPN if you’re online in public areas a lot.

Cloak is an easy VPN software to set up if you find yourself in cafes, airports, libraries, and other public areas often.  This encrypts the Internet traffic, emails, and data.  That way, your info will not be intercepted.

4.  If it smells fishy, don’t taste it.

This applies to suspicious email links and pop-ups.  Don’t get click-happy.  This is the surest way to get the CryptoLocker virus on your system.  Then, all your stuff will be held ransom.  So, stay vigilant people!

5.  Don’t share passwords!

Okay, so this is a duh moment one.  But, don’t share your passwords with your boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, and others.  This is not a non-trusting issue, it’s a safety issue.  If your circle of trust changes, guess what?  They could become potential hackers.  Scary thought, but true!

If you are already past the point of return and have been hacked, well, first of all, I’m sorry to hear this.  We can help with re-securing your computer.  This is deeper than a computer virus removal service, but we’re up to the task and have been for quite some time.  But, don’t ask us to act as a sleuth to find out who hacked you.  We don’t do that.  But, we can ensure your computer is secure and protected going forward.

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