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When should you repair a computer versus buy a new one?

half cracked laptop screen and new laptopMy computer repair shop provides a free diagnostic on all computer issues.  From there, the customer has the choice to fix or forgo the fix and just buy a new computer.  Along the way, my team and I will coach our customers on how to proceed.

Yes, there are times we talk our customers out of getting their computers fixed.  Sounds funny, right?  We’re in the business of making money you thought.  Well, yes business is business, but we’re mainly in the business of ensuring our customers are well taken care of.  After all, we want to ensure our computer repair services last a while, not ones that will break down in a month or two.

So, what should you be on the look out for when determining if your computer should be fixed?

Is it old as dirt?

Make a reasonable judgement here people.  If it’s 5+ years old and looks old and gray, just forget about it.  No need to give your laptop a crutch when it’s about to be six feet under.

Repair too costly?

My rule of thumb is if it costs 60% or higher than your original cost or new computer, let it go.  Of course, if there’s thousands of dollars invested in software on your computer where you cannot get it anywhere else, that decision is up to you.  In the end, your psychological affection of your computer may win out, but logically thinking, you’d be better off spending money on a new system if it amounts to too much in computer repair costs.

Maybe you got a lemon?

If your computer has been acting haphazardly right out of the gate, you should check your local lemon laws.  Or more simply, return it back to the manufacturer and ask for a better machine.

In making your decision, make sure you receive a free computer diagnostic cost so you are in control and can make the decision that is best for you.  This will help you in deciding if you should fix your computer or buy a new one.

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