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iPhone X Review – So what do we think about it? Should you buy one?

iPhone X Facial recognition

The iPhone X has been announced.  No, it’s not the iPhone 7s or the iPhone 9.  It has jumped to iPhone X, pronounced 10, since Apple has gotten to its 10 year anniversary of the iPhone.  Isn’t that cute?  If you’re anxious to buy the latest iPhone, you can order the iPhone 8 online on 9/15.  But, if you want the treasured iPhone X, you’ll have to wait until 10/27 to pre-order yours.

So, what do we think about the iPhone X?

The pros.

The screen.

It’s an edge-to-edge screen which really takes advantage of the full display Apple has to offer.  It’s a 5.8-inch screen which is bigger than the iPhone 7’s 5.44-inch screen and smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus’ 6.23-inch screen.  So, it really has a nice sweet spot in regard to the screen size.  It can fit easily in your pocket and also show you more in actual viewing real estate versus the iPhone 7 Plus due to the edge-to-edge display.

Edge to edge iPhone X

Wireless charging.

Yes, it’s about time.  Samsung has been doing this for ages, but Apple always seems to be a late adopter, but a well-done late adopter in that it usually knocks it out of the park when doing so.

iPhone x wireless charging

The cameras.

The X has the same 12MP dual-lens camera like the iPhone 7 Plus.  But, the iPhone X has image stabilization on both the rear and front cameras.  It also can give you a bokeh background blurring effect on images.  There is also portrait mode on the selfie camera!  The most significant feature is the sports augmented reality (AR) feature.  This is where games can come to life in 3-D hologram-like people and things on your table.  Now, this is really cool and I’d like to check this out!

Augmented Reality

No home button.  No big deal?

This may be a deal-breaker for many.  I know my wife is not happy about this one.  For me, it’s not a big deal.  You can just swipe up when you want to return to the home screen.  That works for me.

iphone x no home button

3D face scanner.

Although I’m find with the lack of home button, I’m on the fence with this one.  Yes, it’s a cool technology to open up your phone with your eyeballs and face.  But, I’m worried about having a laser jammed up in my pupils.  I’m worried about the radiation it may cause.  Yes, I’m a little worried wart on this one, but someone has to worry about the side effects, right?  I’m assuming you can program more than one face to the phone.  What if you share it or want someone else to have access to it?  You better set the time out length to a long period or be able to set up more than one mug to a phone.

face ID for iPhone X

The cons.

The colors.

The colors available are a bit blah.  Just Space Gray and Silver.  Those are my favorites, but if you’re hoping for some color, well, it looks like Apple is bringing back the colors to the old first generation days on this category.

iPhone x color options

The size.

Apple support only offer two sizes, 64GB and 256GB.  In that sense, they’re really pushing you to 256GB since 64GB barely holds your apps, texts, and photos.

The back.

The back cover is glass.  It is purely aesthetic, but from an iPhone repair service perspective, it’s a nightmare.  It’s glass.  It will break just like the front does.  Most likely, you’ll be seeing many people walking around with iPhone X broken back cases.  It has no function so I would have wanted to see a rubberized back.

iPhone x back

The take-away.

The iPhone X is a phone you should buy.  The edge-to-edge display alone is worth it.  The wireless charging and facial ID are nice-to-haves, but at the end of the day, it’s all about you and looking at your iPhone.  Being able to have the full usable space…finally, is what should prompt you to set up your alarm for 3AM in the morning 10/27/17 to pre-order yours!  Yes, that’s what I’ll be doing.

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