The Apple Watch 3 Review – Can you use it without your iPhone?

Apple watch 3 review

Finally!  Apple decided to sensibly add LTE connectivity to the Apple Watch!  What does that mean?  You don’t have to be chained down to your iPhone like before!

With the Apple Watch 1 and 2, your iPhone had to be in your pocket or close by via bluetooth connection so your watch you piggyback off of your iPhone’s internet.  Now, if you pay $10 per month for an added Apple Watch internet connection, you can run around to your heart’s content without a nearby iPhone.

Can you ditch the iPhone entirely?  What if you don’t own an iPhone?  Can you still use the Apple Watch?  Don’t get too cute.  Did you think the Apple Genius folks would allow you to step out of its Apple support ecosystem?  Not a fat chance!  You still need an iPhone to initialize the first Apple setup steps for your Apple Watch.

For years, I used to always put Apple down (I still do) for not supplying obvious features customers would want.  The reason being Apple doesn’t want to put too many features in one device.  If your iPad could act like a MacBook, would you buy a MacBook?  If your MacBook has a touch screen, would you buy an iPad?  So, you probably catch what my soapbox is pushing here.  Apple gives you just enough to make the device functional.

But, when push comes to shove and competitors (hello Samsung) are already rocking added features the like the LTE connection, Apple then decides to get into the game in order to compete.  That’s one reason and the other is well, they need new “wow” features to add to the next generation product.

Alright, so I’ll step off my Apple soapbox now and get back to the Apple Watch 3.  Besides the LTE connection, what else can you look forward to?

The design.

For the most part, you won’t notice much of a difference from the Apple 2.  It’s still the same square design, not the circular design that was rumored.  You’ll notice a red dot on the top of the digital crown which will separate  the Jones’ from the Jones’-nots.

Apple watch 3 design

The battery.

It’s battery, but unfortunately only gives you one hour’s talk time over the LTE connection.  So, don’t leave your iPhone too far behind just yet.

Apple watch 3 battery

Step counting.

If you’re a step counter, the feature of the upgraded barometric altimeter may please you.  You know who you are.  How many steps did you walk today?  I met my goal.  Did you? The new watch will better track your stairs climbed with a better height indicator.

Apple watch 3 step counting


If you’ve been waiting to part with your iPhone when using your Apple Watch, well, this is the watch for you.  If you could care less, it’s not worth the investment.  Other than the LTE connection, there are no true new features or added fun stuff you can brag about.  Don’t bother.  As for me, having an Internet connection on my watch is actually a big deal so I’ll be in the hunt come September 15, 2017, the Apple Watch 3 release date.

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