Company Bulk Laptop Repair in NYC – Get a free diagnostic first for your NYC office laptop issues

Company bulk laptops for repair in NYCYour office has a bunch of laptops that need repairs.

I’m not talking about tune-ups or just speed up a slow laptop issue.  I’m talking about physical issues or serious laptop problems.  Maybe your laptop won’t boot up.  Or perhaps it has a cracked laptop screen.  Or maybe there is a more simpler issue of an operating system problem or lag time issue.  Whatever the laptop issue, there is an efficient, cost-effective way to take care of all your company laptop issues.

Our laptop repair center at New York Computer Help has been fixing laptops since 2000.

In that time, we have been specializing in fixing bulk laptop repairs for companies.  This includes all PC manufacturers and MacBooks.  Offices have loved this laptop repair service since it allows them to efficiently see if they should repair laptops just sitting around that aren’t working.  Why buy a new laptop if you can fix current, sitting around laptops for much cheaper?  That’s where we come in.  We are happy to restore non-working laptops or laptops with issues so that they may be usable for staff members.  Best of all, our companies like that we will give them a free diagnostic first to determine if it makes sense to fix the laptop or not.

Here’s how to take care of your bulk laptop issues and repairs for your office:

First, get your laptops to New York Computer Help.

How you may ask?  You can walk them over, cab them, Uber them, or another way to 53 East 34th Street between Park and Madison in NYC.  Need help bringing them to our 3rd floor?  Just call when downstairs and we’ll have one of our team members carry them from downstairs for you.  Not in the mood to leave your desk? No prob, you can messenger them over to us.  If you only have a few laptops that a bike messenger can pick up, feel free to schedule a laptop messenger pick-up online.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.  How does the process work?macbook bulk repair NYC

Once we receive your laptops, we will check them into our ticket system.

With the ticket generation, you will be updated via email, text and/or phone with the free diagnostic.  The free laptop diagnostic will give you he exact issue and cost to repair your laptop.  You then have the choice to accept or deny with no obligation.

Then, on to the fun stuff: the laptop repairs!

After your approval, we will fix the laptops you want us to.  Upon completion, you will receive an invoice to pay.

Finally, it’s pick-up time.

You can stop in to pick up your laptops.  Or as previously mentioned, if you have up to a few laptops only, you can schedule a laptop pick-up online if you didn’t already set up a round-trip messenger service.

As an added bonus, we also have a team of 20 company onsite IT technicians in NYC that can set up the fresh working laptops for your company after we beautify them.  So, if you need help integrating the computers back into your office IT network, we can help!

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Got any further questions? Walk in for a free diagnostic in NYC:

53 East 34th Street (Park & Madison), Floor 3 New York, NY 10016

806 Lexington Ave (62nd Street), Floor 3, New York, NY 10065

110 Greene Street Suite 1111, (Floor 11), New York, NY 10012

Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.