Broken MacBook Screen Fix in NYC – What’s the Process?

Your MacBook has a broken screen.  It happens.  And it happens often.  After all, we are tied down to our Macs every minute.  Alright, let’s not get into curbing screen time now.  Let’s talk about where you can go and what the process should be like.

If you live in New York City, what are your options?  Where can you go?

Yup, Apple is the obvious choice.  But, will they warranty your cracked MacBook?  It depends on if you splurged for the accidental warranty.  Also, age is definitely a factor here.  Apple is big on pushing new products so your warranty may not be as long as you’d think.

So, first check your Apple warranty.  

You may be pleasantly surprised.  It actually may be a free screen replacement.  Alright, don’t get your hopes up.  But, who knows.

If your warranty is not covered or you don’t want to deal with the wait times and sea of people at Apple, you have other choices.

Living in the city, you have lots of options.  But, as a fellow New Yorker, there are usually only a few actually solid options you’d want to choose from.

In the post-warranty process, you’re now looking at what’s called third party repair companies. 


Essentially, these are non-Apple companies who will perform your MacBook broken screen repair for a cost.  The cost will involve the price of the screen plus the labor.

The price of the screen should entail the full screen assembly which includes the LCD, glass, and back cover.  Yes, on older models, just the glass can be replaced.  But, newer models have the whole screen fused together.  So, when the MacBook screen replacement is done, you’ll have a totally new top half of your MacBook.

Your best bet in searching for third party MacBook broken screen fix companies to due your due diligence.

  • Check out reviews. 

Go on Yelp, Google Plus, and see what customers are saying.  See that the company fixes screens…obviously.  Make sure the company has had positive reviews with Mac screen swaps.

  • Ask your friends and family.

If you trust someone, ask them for advise.  Follow the advice.  It’s that simple.  If someone cares about you, they’ll directly you well.  

Get a feel for the company.  Call them up and make sure you vibe well with the person you speak with.  Ask them questions.  Make sure you’re comfortable with the process.

  • Stop in to your potential options.

Go to the 1-3 companies you like.  Your visit should be warm and fuzzy.  If you’re getting nice customer service, then that’s a good sign.  If you’re not happy, walk out.  You’re the customer.  You’re in control.

  • Get a quote.

Make sure you get a quote.  Don’t leave pricing to chance.  If you don’t receive one, ask for one.

  • Post-service checking is important.

When you get your screen replacement, check it.  Make sure you’re happy.  Again, you’re the customer.  You’re the boss.  You should be happy happy!

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